إعادة ابتكار السيارة الرياضية متعددة الاستخدامات المدمجة

تتميز ميتسوبيشي إكسباندر من الداخل بمساحة واسعة مريحة، وهي مجهزة بـ 7 مقاعد أنيقة. أما هيكل السيارة من الخارج فيأتي على شكل الجيل الجديد من السيارات الرياضية متعددة الاستخدامات المدمجة.

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The Drive

In pursuit of the ultimate toughness

We put the L200 pickup through rigorous tests. But being tough wasn’t enough for us. It had to be able to endure the harshest conditions – it had to go beyond tough.


One look and you know it means business

This is a pickup truck that positively screams toughness from grille to tailgate.


Tough doesn’t mean uncomfortable

Step inside the L200 pickup truck and you’ll find a roomy, comfortable interior that feels more like a passenger car.


The L200 takes safety to a new level

Whether you’re using the L200 for work, errands or a family adventure, it’s built to keep you safe and secure with a whole raft of advanced safety technologies.